Curriculum materials

1. Ordering process

a. Use the print version Catalogue of Curriculum Materials or the online Curriculum Catalogue search page to find the catalogue number and title of what you want to order. The online version allows you to view our current stock of any curriculum material.

b. Fill out a Curriculum Materials Requisition Form. The form is also available in the back of the printed Catalogue of Curriculum Materials or available on-line in the Curriculum Materials Forms. With the exception of novels, most curriculum materials must be purchased by schools and require your School Administration's signature of approval. Materials with an "L" in the scale of issue column are loaned to schools, at no charge, for specified periods of time.

c. Fax your completed form to Resource Services at 867-667-5347.

When possible, Resource Services automatically fills orders with used stock. This allows schools to obtain materials at 50% of our current purchasing price. You may request your order be filled with new stock only by checking the appropriate box on the order form.

Prices are subject to change without notice. The current purchase price may be different from the catalogue price.

Helpful tips:
- Place orders well in advance of when possible to avoid delays in receiving goods.
- Please fill out the "Ship To" area and indicate the school name and name of teacher requesting the materials.
- The principal or delegate’s signature authorizes use of CMCA funds. Schools must ensure they do not over-spend their CMCA.
- If you have questions please contact us and we will assist you with the ordering process.

2. Terms of payment
School orders are charged to the school's Curriculum Materials Credit Allocation (CMCA) unless otherwise directed. Monthly statements of CMCA activity are sent to school administrators. Please contact the Coordinator of Resource Services at 867- 667-3521 if your CMCA is depleted.

Novels and loan materials that are over 60 days overdue are charged to a school's CMCA budget.