Media Collection

Watching Movies at School

Under Yukon Education license coverage, schools may present movies at anytime during and after school hours for many purposes. Events might include fundraisers, family movie night and community events. Each school is entitled to one complimentary rental of any pre-release movie available from Audio Cine Films (ACF). You can visit Audio Cine Films or contact us for more information.

Educators are allowed present videos to audiences as long as they are covered by one of the listed studios.

Some of studios include: Alliance Atlantis, MGM Studios, Walt Disney Pictures, Universal, Paramount, Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films and Odeon Films.

As part of our licensing agreement, educators must submit film usage reports (Report form) on a quarterly basis. If no films have been screened during a given period, a "NIL" report should be submitted. Please fax usage reports to Resource Services at 667-5347. We will forward all reports to ACF. Thank you for your cooperation with this.

Please use the Audio Cine Film Report form.