Curriculum Materials

Selection and Evaluation

1. Curriculum Selection

Resources included in the Catalogue of Curriculum Materials have been carefully evaluated by Yukon Education Curriculum Consultants and have been approved according to BC & Yukon curriculum requirements. If educators wish to have a particular resource considered and included in the Catalogue of Curriculum Materials, they can submit their recommendations to the appropriate Curriculum Consultant for review.

2. Yukon Education Curriculum Consultants

Director, Learning Support Services - Paula Thompson

Primary Curriculum Consultant - Shari Worsfold

Intermediate Curriculum Consultant - Nikki Krocker

Secondary Curriculum Consultant - Tanya Lanigan

Experiential Educational Consultant - Nicholas Vienneau

Secondary Rural Consultant - Liz Woods

Second Language Consultant - Sofie Maurice

French Curriculum Consultant - Pascal St. Laurent

Trades Educational Consultant - Gerry Quarton

Intermediate Technology Consultant - Mike Snider

Secondary Technology Consultant - Chris Stacey
3. ERAC membership
Yukon Education recently became a member of the ERAC consortium. ERAC is a member-based association of BC public schools districts and many independent districts. ERAC evaluates resources such as novels, education software and various pedagogical materials and shares the results with its members through its online database. ERAC members can submit new resources for evaluation and use this site as a professional reference. For more information about ERAC and to create your account, visit