Curriculum Materials

Material allocation

Resource Services operates a central warehouse of curriculum materials and purchases resources from various approved publishers.

Curriculum Materials Credit Allocation (CMCA)

Yukon schools are provided with an annual Curriculum Materials Credit Allocation (CMCA) that can be used to purchase classroom materials from the Catalogue of Curriculum Materials that is published and distributed to schools every year.

The amount allocated can be used from the fiscal year starting April 1 to March 31. A formula based on grade levels taught, location of the school and number of students enrolled, is used to establish the amount allocated to each school. The minimum allocation for any school is $850.00.

Please Note: Only resources listed in the Catalogue of Curriculum Materials may be purchased using the CMCA.

Further information about CMCA is available in the CMCA User Guide (revised January 2002) that has been supplied to all school administrators.